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Tire insert supplier Deaneasy merges with Vittoria Group

Published June 28, 2022

BREMBATE, Italy (BRAIN) — Tire insert supplier Deaneasy will integrate into the Vittoria Group and begin production here to develop accessories quicker with research into sustainable materials and processes being a focus.

Working as a single team, innovation and growth capital will increase, according to Vittoria. In the coming months, insert production will move to Brembate, reducing the sourcing and transport from Asian suppliers.

Deaneasy owner Alessandro Bonarotti will oversee innovation in accessories, according to Vittoria, to expand the line. The first new products from this collaboration will come to the market this year.

"We make the most advanced bicycle tires on the planet," said Stijn Vriends, president and CEO of Vittoria Group. "To complement these, we aim to offer a full range of premium accessories to give our riders the best riding experience. The integration of the air-liner business and the know-how of Alessandro Bonarotti in our group is a fundamental step in this journey."

The Vittoria Air-Liner launched in 2018, offering rim and tire protection for tubeless setups and run-flat technology. Vittoria offers the insert in all major riding disciplines: mountain, gravel, and road.

"We are very pleased that the long-term collaboration with Vittoria has resulted in such a complete product offering," Bonarotti said. "With the integration, we will become even faster in bringing super-innovative products to the market."

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