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Reborn VanMoof providing access to repair manuals, restarting sales soon

Published February 27, 2024

AMSTERDAM (BRAIN) — VanMoof is providing access to repair manuals, guides, and technical drawings for e-bikes released in 2018 and earlier, materials that were previously accessible only to certified shops.

The Dutch e-bike brand also said it is expanding its retail and repair network, currently only available in the Netherlands and Germany, and will restart bike sales soon.

The VanMoof Archives allows riders to troubleshoot issues on M-Series and Smart Bikes, S1 and X1, and S2 and X2 models, with additional materials for other models to come. Some of the documents were available only in Mandarin and had to be translated.

In August, VanMoof was acquired by Lavoie, part of global technology company McLaren Applied, which was connected to the McLaren Group — also consisting of McLaren Automotive and McLaren Racing. VanMoof was declared bankrupt in July by the court of Amsterdam.

"When we acquired VanMoof, we promised that we would do everything we can to keep riders on the road," said Eliott Wertheimer, VanMoof co-CEO. "At the same time, we made a commitment to greater transparency. The VanMoof Archives project is another step in a larger effort to honor these promises."

The production of the spare parts will be distributed at operating cost to VanMoof service partners, Wertheimer said. "But we also thought long and hard about how to help owners of other models. We hope that by openly publishing these materials, we'll help them enjoy their VanMoof for longer."

In September, e-bike reseller Upway began a repair program exclusively for VanMoof owners. VanMoof is one of several brands Upway sells.

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