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Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong arrives at a Southwest Asia air base for a USO holiday tour earlier this week. Armstrong is chatting with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Navy Adm. Michael G. Mullen.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (BRAIN)—Middle School teacher and Tamalpais High School mountain bike team coach Herb Bool is racing for a very worthy cause.

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LAKE FOREST, CA (BRAIN)—GT Bicycles and Ritchey Design have signed sponsorship agreements with the Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team, a continental road cycling team.

"Long-distance runners have to be very strange people. You have to really want to do it. You don't have to win or beat someone, you just have to get through the thing. That's the sense of victory. The sense of self-worth." —Ted Corbitt.

VALENCIA, CA (BRAIN)—Valencia Sport Group, parent company of SixSixOne, Sunline and Royal brands has restructured and recapitalized, partnering with L.A. based equity firm Triple 7 Group.

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LUMBERTON, NC (BRAIN)—Aqu, Inc., organizers of The Tour of America, a multi-stage coast-to-coast professional bicycle road race, have revised dates and a tentative race route for its September 2008 event.

TEMPE, AZ (BRAIN)—Bicycle Radio’s “Escape The Peloton” has announced the live broadcast of its First Annual Chamois Awards highlighting the best cycling moments of 2007, tonight at 7 p.m. (MST).

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PLEASANT HILL, CA (BRAIN)—The man who helped create NORBA (National Off-Road Bicycle Association), John "Mountain Jack" Ingram, passed away recently after a long bout with an illness.

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Humans are waiting until extraterrestrial beings "call us or give us a sign. We have no way of guessing when this might happen. I hope sooner rather than later." —Sci fi author Arthur C. Clarke, celebrating his 90th birthday yesterday.

NEWBURY PARK, CA (BRAIN)—Pro mountain bike racer and Giant for Women Ride Society leader Tara Llanes will be featured on the television program “Access Hollywood.”

The segment about Llanes is scheduled to air on the nationally-syndicated television show on Wednesday, December 26.

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CHICAGO, IL (BRAIN)—Paul Damato has been hired to SRAM’s Marketing and Communication Department as its new North American technical marketing specialist for road products.

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MONTEREY, CA (BRAIN)—Light & Motion’s chief executive officer Daniel Emerson and director of marketing Jackie Petro recently accepted the Green Business Award from the Monterey County Board of Supervisors.

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Saying Merry Christmas the old fashioned way...

"I have a message for every homeowner worried about rising mortgage payments: the best you can do for your family is to call 1-800-995-HOPE." —President George W. Bush. The correct number actually started with "888." So where did the wrong number take folks?

EUGENE, OR (BRAIN)—The BMX world lost one of its finest promoters this week when Scott Snook succumb to a long illness.

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LAGUNA HILLS, CA (BRAIN)—Bicycle Retailer was fortunate enough to catch up with the iconic Joe Breeze, asking him a few questions on his relationship with mountain biking pioneer John Finley Scott, who was murdered at age 72 last year.

BRAIN: How did you first get to know Scott?

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LAGUNA HILLS, CA (BRAIN)—Bicycle Retailer & Industry News is conducting its first ever industry-wide “Green Survey.”

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VENTURA, CA (BRAIN)—Nema has just launched a new blog. It will be loaded with product, team, ride and event updates.

Click on the link to check it out.

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Rebecca: You're not letting your employees take advantage of you, are you?

Norm: Yeah, maybe a little bit. Yesterday afternoon the guys decided to just knock off early and go bowling.

Rebecca: So what did you do?

Norm: I broke 200. Personal high. It was great.

—Cheers (1982)

ST PAUL, MN (BRAIN)—Minnesotans fancy themselves a hearty lot. But as the winter sun sets on the Twin Cities and temperatures drop into the single digits, even the most staunchly dedicated bicycle commuters take to the frozen streets in their heated four-wheeled machines for the trip home.

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