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SALT LAKE CITY, UT (BRAIN)—Fulfilling a goal of expanding its reach in the cycling market, Web-based retail training company recently contracted with Pacific Cycle to train sellers of GT Bicycles.

JACKSON, WY (BRAIN)—With blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many other social media and social networks gaining ground as influential channels of communication, particularly among younger demographics, social media strategies have become an integral part of public relations campaigns.

MONTGOMERYVILLE, PA (BRAIN)—Bicycle manufacturers are creating confusion at retail by flooding the market with too many choices. The result is reduced product sales—and profits—industry-wide.

Nike Feed The Warrior Commercial featuring Lance Armstrong.


PHILADELPHIA, PA—Pat Cunnane is a man with a vision. So when officials at Emory University issued a call to industry suppliers and local retailers asking for help in reducing single occupancy vehicle usage on campus, he answered it quite enthusiastically.



CUPERTINO, CA—Perhaps no one knew mountain biking pioneer John Finley Scott better than longtime friend Vance Sprock.


TAICHUNG, Taiwan—Richard Storino has been attending industry trade shows since the BDS show was the highlight of the year.

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WILMINGTON, MA (BRAIN)—Pedro's has announced a shift in its Grassroots program—the company's longest running sponsorship program.

For 18 years Pedro's has sponsored approximately 25 teams annually with products and pro deals from Pedro's as well as a select few partner companies.

"Ride, ride, ride, hitchin' a ride
Ride, ride, ride, hitchin' a ride" —Miles Jamison Norman

NEWBURY PARK, CA (BRAIN)—Giant Bicycle employees returning from the New Year’s holiday were stunned and saddened to learn of the sudden heart-related death on December 30 of account executive Louis Ledesma.

Do you have your ticket to Portland yet? (Click on link and turn up volume)

PORTLAND, ORE (BRAIN)—Two leading companies in the design and manufacture of accessories for recumbent bicycles are teaming up.

TerraCycle, of Portland, Ore. is acquiring Fort Collins, Colo.–based FastBack Designs and plans to expand its successful line of hydration packs and frame bags.

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN (BRAIN)—Carmichael Lynch Spong has purchased Stanwood & Partners, a Wyoming-based public relations firm and a fellow go-to expert in the outdoor enthusiast arena.

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LAGUNA HILLS, CA (BRAIN)—If you still haven't received your copy of BRAIN's January issue that's because it shipped out on Dec. 31.

Hold on tight, it should be on your doorstep any day now.

Thanks for your patience and continued support of the magazine.

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SUN VALLEY, ID, (BRAIN)— SCOTT USA has added a new event vehicle to its fleet.

LAGUNA HILLS, CA (BRAIN)-Nicole Formosa has joined Bicycle Retailer and Industry News as a reporter.

Formosa brings five years of journalism experience to the magazine, most recently working as a reporter for a daily newspaper in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

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"The real reason I quit was because I had a terrific sunburn on the back of my neck, which I got because the red light was on most of the time I was in the net," -Stu Nahan would quip about the signal for a goal scored in hockey. The former iconic L.A. sportscaster died last week.

SAKAI, JAPAN (BRAIN)—Longtime Shimano employee Keiichi Hirobe passed away on Nov. 18, 2007. He was 74. A man that had always admitted to having a sweet tooth, he finally lost his lifelong battle against diabetes.

The BRAIN staff wishes you a successful and prosperous New Year.

News will resume on Wednesday, Jan. 2.

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