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SQlabs expands product offerings and distribution

Published November 6, 2013
The SQlab Super 6

OAKLAND, CA (BRAIN) — German saddle brand SQlab has added three new models and updated existing models for 2014. The brand also will be distributed in the U.S. next year by Hawley and BTI.

"BTI and Hawley are both great distributors and we are really looking forward to working with them to build the SQlab brand in the U.S. market," said Radsport USA owner Kenny Roberts.

New models for next year include the Super6, an 85 gram full carbon race saddle. The Super6 is manufactured in Munich, Germany, by Munich Composites and features a full carbon shell, braided carbon rails and customizable pads. It will come in two shell sizes and have and MSRP of $449.

Another new model is the 612 Road. The 612 Road will come in three different rail materials: chromoly, titanium or carbon and be priced at $79, $145 and $215 respectably. Like most SQlab saddles, the 612 will come in four different shell sizes (12cm, 13cm, 14cm and 15cm) and feature the SQlab Stepped Design.

The new 600 Active saddle is for riders looking for comfort. It is designed for bikes with a very upright seating position and is suitable for riders up to 265 pounds.

Radsport USA, based in Oakland, Calif., is the North American agency and distributor for the German brands Syntace, Liteville, SQlab and 66Sick. Syntace products are distributed through QBP, BTI and Hawley USA as well as direct from Radsport USA. Liteville and 66sick are exclusively available in the U.S. through Radsport USA. SQlab products are distributed through BTI and Hawley USA as well as direct from Radsport USA.

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