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Canyon begins consumer-direct sales in Australia and New Zealand

Published July 29, 2015

KOBLENZ, Germany (BRAIN) — Canyon Bicycles is opening an office in Melbourne and will soon begin consumer-direct sales in Australia and New Zealand. The company said it would assemble bikes at its German headquarters and ship directly from there to consumers Down Under.

The Melbourne office will provide support to customers in the region, from service queries to buying advice, in addition to representing Canyon at events.

“We have been eyeing up Australia and New Zealand for a number of years and are now prepared for market entry," said Canyon’s head of business development & business intelligence, Ward Grootjans. "These two markets have great potential but require a different approach due to the physical distance away from our base in Germany. When visiting Australia a few months ago I was taken aback by how large and engaged the cycling community is. Talking to riders over there it was clear that Canyon will be most welcome," he said

The office will be led by Canyon's new Australia & New Zealand market manager, Darryl Moliere.

Moliere said, "After following the Canyon brand for many years, I can honestly say that I am extremely excited and honored to be the first Australian member of the global Canyon Crew. Having recently returned from a visit to Canyon's home in Koblenz it was clear to see that the whole team there, from R&D right through to production and quality assurance, is focussed and driven to create the best bikes, as proven by the numerous awards and distinctions Canyon bikes have received already in Europe. To be able to offer these bikes to the Australian and New Zealand markets for the first time with a level of service that matches the product quality is going to be a new and exciting period for all cycling enthusiasts from Down Under.”

Canyon has also recently opened offices in South Korea and Japan. The company said Canyon Australia & New Zealand will be up and running by the end of the year.

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