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UCI tests 90 bikes for motors at French race

Published February 12, 2016

AIGLE, Switzerland (BRAIN) — The Union Cycliste Internationale said it conducted an unannounced check for bike motos at the La Méditerranéenne stage race on Friday. The UCI said no technological fraud was detected.

The UCI checked 90 bikes from six teams, using the same equipment that it used to identify a motor at the cyclocross world championships in Belgium recently. "This equipment enables those performing the tests to investigate large numbers of bikes, both frames and wheels, in a short period of time," the UCI said.

The sport of cycling received a considerable amount of bad press in the general media worldwide following the incident in Belgium. The UCI appears to want to show it is on top of the situation.

"The UCI has invested considerable time and financial resources in this area and trialling new methods of detection is part of its commitment to ensuring its tests are as robust as possible," the organization said. "Intelligence has also been gained from active engagement with the industry and other information given to u,s which has enabled us to refine and improve our testing."

The UCI said it will continue to test "significant numbers of bikes" in unannounced tests in all disciplines throughout 2016 and beyond. 

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