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Giordana to sponsor ORICA-BikeExchange and Astana teams

Published December 9, 2016

MONTECCHIO MAGGIORE, Italy (BRAIN) — Giordana Cycling Apparel has signed the ORICA-BikeExchange team to a multi-year agreement to wear Giordana technical apparel. The team will use Giordana clothing for all racing and training activities beginning in January. Giordana will also supply their women's team.


Giordana announced last week that it would sponsor and supply the Astana team next year, as well.

Giordana has been connected with professional teams and events since the 1980's. Giordana is one of a small number of brands still made in Italy and develop and make their products in their own factory.

Giorgio Andretta, the founder of Giordana, said, "We are thrilled to be aligned with ORICA-BikeExchange. To partner with such a great WorldTour team is fantastic! We have developed an entirely new line of garments to help the athletes perform at their best. Our new FormaRed-Carbon Pro line will make up the core of the kits we supply the team. It's our new, top-of-the-line collection with a diverse range of garments for racing and training.

"Our goal with FR-C Pro was to set the bar high in regards to innovation and performance to handle any riding condition throughout the year. Clubs, teams, and shops throughout the world can personalize this same product through our custom clothing program. Moving forward, we will continue to evolve the Giordana range with the feedback we garner from partnering with the ORICA-BikeExchange team."

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