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Moto-look Striders adopt Cobra styling

Published October 3, 2012
Cobra Moto Strider with Cobra mini motorcycle

RAPID CITY, SD (BRAIN) — Strider is offering a special edition Moto Strider that borrows (licensed) styling from COBRA Moto, a maker of mini motorcross bikes.

The Cobra Moto Strider is mechanically the same as a standard Strider but has custom-colored components and graphics. 

Strider has sold more than 350,000 of its bikes, which are intended for children from 18 months to 5 years old. Striders weigh 6.7 pounds and feature adjustable seats and handlebars to accomodate growth. The bikes are intended to teach balance and coordination better than tricycles or training wheels. 

Striders are generally seen as a predecessor to riding a pedal-powered bike, but Cobra Moto president Sean Hilbert said it could lead to throttle-twisting, as well.

“The little two-wheeler is a perfect platform for learning proper balance and control, and it serves as a great stepping-stone for little rippers who want to make the transition to a motorcycle. Of course, the Strider bike is perfect for younger siblings of current Cobra Moto riders as well as any young motocross fan who want to be like their heroes,” Hilbert said.

Suggested retail is $129.

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