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Wheels Manufacturing's Multi-BB Kit

Published February 18, 2013

LOUISVILLE, CO (BRAIN) — Wheels Manufacturing's new BB Multi Kit adapts Shimano's 24mm and SRAM/Truvativ's 24mm amd 22mm cranks to fit virtually any BB30 or Presfit 30 frame.

The kit 65-piece kit contains adapters to convert up to eight bikes (four Shimano and four SRAM), plus extra spacers and wave washers for adjusting chainline and bottom bracket spacing.

The adapters and spacers are machined from engineering-grade Delrin.

To use, the adapters are tapped into the 6806 bearing in the bottom bracket shell or cups, then the cranks are installed using the the spacers to adjust the chainline or take up any side-to-side movement.

MSRP: $200.

More information: Wheels Manufacturing.


Wheels Manufacturing's Multi-BB Kit

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