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Donkey Label offers handmade soaps for cyclists

Published April 8, 2013

MINNEAPOLIS (BRAIN) — Donkey Label's line of handmade soaps include soaps to remove grease and grime, a hydrating facial soap and a shaving soap. All are made especially for cyclists of pure natural and organic ingredients.

  • The Herbal Pumice bar is formulated for removing grease, grime, filth and muck from hands and body for anyone who works on a bicycle.
  • The Cedar and Sage bar features a great smell, all-over clean and bits of cedar wood shavings for exfoliation.
  • The Oatmeal Goatmilk bar is a hydrating facial soap that rejuvenates skin.
  • The Shaving Soap lathers thick to help hydrate skin.

All the soaps retail for $7 on

Donkey Label also makes embrocations, chamois cream and riding oils.


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