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SOS Rehydration Drink

Published May 7, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (BRAIN) — Comparable to an IV drip in the treatment of mild to moderate dehydration, SOS Rehydration Drink is the only product to use the World Health Organization's oral rehydration standards. Unlike plain water, energy drinks or sports drinks, SOS claims to enhance the body's water absorption process by mixing the correct amount of electrolytes and sugars. 

Many sports drinks attempt to hydrate and fuel, but higher sugar levels often lead to gastrointestinal distress. Sugar increases osmolality (the measure of solute concentration), and instead of pushing water into the blood vessels, it pulls it into the gut, causing bloating or even diarrhea.  For this reason SOS has only 25 calories per serving and a low osmolality of 230 Osm/L to more effectively transport water into the body.

SOS can be used before, during or after exercise to aid rehydration and recovery.

Suggested retail: $8.75 (multipack of five sachets)

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