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Mavic launches shallower carbon aero wheels

Published May 16, 2013

HAVERHILL, MA (BRAIN) — Mavic is introducing a shallower version of the CXR 80 T aero wheelset that it introduced last year. The new CXR 60 T (tubular) and CXR 60 C (clincher) aero wheels are sold as sets with tires and "blade" fairings that smooth the transition from rim to tire for improved aerodynamics.

Mavic claims the wheels outperform competitors in its wind tunnel testing for drag and stability.   

The tubular version is all carbon. The clincher version has an aluminum tire bed and brake track. Both versions have 60 millimeter deep rims and 16 front/20 rear bladed butted stainless spokes. The tubular wheels weigh 1645 grams per pair without tires or 2175 grams with tires. The clincher version weighs 1825 grams per pair without tires or 2515 grams with tires. 

The new wheels will be available in September, with pricing anticipated between $2,700 and $2,800.

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