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Chain lube that glows ...

Published May 21, 2013

DELAND, FL (BRAIN) — MucOff's C3 Ceramic Dry chain lube contains UV tracer dye that glows in the dark when lit with an included black light flashlight. The feature allows users to see if they have fully coated their chain with the lube.

Besides the UV feature — which wears off when exposed to sunlight — the lube contains boron nitride compounds, fluoropolymers and nano ceramics that the company said provides a low friction drive chain.

The lube creates a dry ceramic coating for increased durability and performance in dry conditions. It is also biodegradable and petroleum free.

It's available in 50 milliliter ($5.95 MSRP), 120 milliliter ($13.95) and 1 liter sizes.


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