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Bike Fixtation's public bike pump

Published June 10, 2013

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (BRAIN) — Bike Fixtation, which has been selling public-use outdoor bike repair stations for several years, is now complementing its repair stations with a new durable and theft-resistant public bike pump intended for outdoor use.

The High Security Bike Pump is available with or without a gauge. It's made of heavy duty stainless steel with a cut-resistant hose.

“We saw a real market need for a cost-effective, durable, and very secure public bike pump” said Chad DeBaker, president and co-founder of Bike Fixtation. “We applied our deep industry experience to create a high quality bike pump that can stand up to rigorous use and conditions, and enhance the public’s access to a worry-free bicycling experience.”

Besides bike shops, the intended market for the pump is bicycle/pedestrian coordinators, recreation departments, universities, and transit planners. 

“This product is ideal for frequent, repeated use in conditions that are challenged with minimal security and rugged weather conditions. It can be installed on mountain bike trails, campuses, or any highly-trafficked area,” said DeBaker. The pump was also designed to international engineering standards and is CE certified, making it suitable for use in public spaces worldwide.

The pump is available with two different hose lengths and an optional tool kit, and can be installed with the same fasteners and fastener spacing as Bike Fixtation’s previous Public Bike Pump.

Contact Bike Fixtation for pricing information.

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