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Jetpack protects bike from bang-ups during travel

Published November 15, 2013

CHICOUTIMI, Quebec (BRAIN) — The Jetpack from Biknd is a travel bag for road and mountain bikes that includes an inflatable wall system that acts like an airbag, absorbing any impacts the bag receives during transit. 


An adjustable rear axle allows users to fix their bike in place and includes a safe-locking mechanism. Inflatable airbags lighten the overall load while delivering protection by absorbing shocks from all angles. Inside, the bag includes stem and crank covers. 

Roller wheels and an easy gripping handle make it easy to schlep to and from arrival and departure gates at the airport. 

Biknd says the bag’s weight and build complies with luggage weight restrictions for many airlines. When not in use the Jetpack folds down into its 12-inch by 14-inch by 50-inch nylon cover. 

The bag, which weighs 15.5 pounds, will become available next January. It will retail for $450. Biknd distributes the Jetpack in the U.S. and Canada. 

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