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New Bontrager saddle designed for aggressive road riding

Published December 11, 2013

MADISON, WI (BRAIN) — Bontrager's new Serano saddle line was designed for aggressive road riding, including top level pro road racing. The saddle is designed for a forward leaning position, allowing riders to rotate their pelvis forward and engage the glutes while pushing off the saddle's tail. The saddle's wings are turned in to eliminate rubbing of the inner thigh.


The Serano RXL uses a carbon-reinforced shell and oversized carbon rails. The rails attach farther forward on the saddle than traditional saddles, which the company said allows riders to ride comfortably on the forward tip of the saddle longer.

The saddle uses variable density foam padding that provides more support under the key contact areas, like the sits bones, and softer, more compliant padding in the center of the saddle to minimize pressure on soft tissue. The saddle requires a seatpost compatible with oversized rails, such as the Bontrager part #421564.

The saddle comes in three widths and weighs 180, 185 or 190 grams depending on width. MSRP is $224. 

The Serano RL models have a similar design with hollow titanium rails. It weighs 210, 215 or 220 grams depending on width and has an MSRP of $149.

Andy Schleck racing with the RXL saddle

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