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Campagnolo offers redesigned mechanical groups

Published May 27, 2014

CARLSBAD, Calif. (BRAIN) — Campagnolo is introducing new mechanical versions of its Super Record, Record and Chorus groupsets, the Italian company announced this weekend.


"Campagnolo does not seek to produce an electronic groupset that outperforms the mechanical version, or produce a mechanical version that claims to be superior to the electronic counterpart," the company said. "Campagnolo rather prefers to offer a heightened performance and quality standard in both electronic and mechanic formats. Campagnolo doesn't believe on imposing any system on athletes and feels that whether an athlete chooses to use mechanical or electronic shifting in his quest for victory they should feel confident that they are riding with Campagnolo quality and performance."

The new groups were improved through the company's SC-14 (Squadra Corsa 2014) program, which sought to make its drivetrain more durable and faster shifting. Some pro teams have been using SC-14 Super Record groups already this spring, and the improvements are now trickling down to the lower priced groups for public sale.

The new groups include a new front derailleur with a longer arm to increase leverage and a re-shaped inner cage.

The rear derailleur also is new, and is said to be stiffer, smoother and better functioning than its predecessor. The new designs pulls the chain closer to the cassette for a more secure grip, better chain/cassette interface and a longer life for what Campy calls "consumable components" — the chain and cassette.
Besides increased chain wrap on the smaller cogs, the design is said to improve performance on larger cogs, allowing the same shifting performance on 29-tooth rear cogs as on 23 tooth.

The shifters have been slightly tweaked, with the addition of a third click on the left lever to allow trimming the front derailleur following downshifts. New hoods are made of hypoallergenic silicone with varying density and internal groves to provide additional comfort.

The most visible changes to the new groups is the four-arm crank spiders, which allows use of standard or compact chainrings on the same crank. Available standard rings will be 53/39, 52/36 and 50/34. Besides the spider change, the new crankarm is said to be stiffer than previous offerings. The cranks will be available in 170, 172,5 and 175 lengths.

The new four-arm Record crankset.

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