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Campy updates Shamal and Bora wheels

Published July 17, 2014
The Bora Ultra 35 gets a wider rim, improved braking surface and lighter graphics.
Italian company also fights counterfeiters with new authentication system.

VICENZA, Italy (BRAIN) — Campagnolo is updating its Shamal and Bora wheel lines, each of which have been in the company's lineup since 1994.

The new Shamal Mille continues to sport an aluminum rim, but for 2015 it gets a new braking surface said to improve braking performance in all conditions. Campy is recommending the wheel be used with its red brake shoes, which were developed for use with carbon rims. The company points out this will allow racers who use Shamals for training to switch to carbon-rim wheels on race day without having to swap brake pads.

The carbon-rimmed Bora wheel line is also getting brake track improvements, as well as wider rims. The Bora 35 is receiving Campy's 3Diamant brake surface, which was introduced on the taller Bora 50 wheels last year. The Bora 35 and Bora 50 tubular wheels will each see an increase in width from 20.5 mm to 24.2 mm. The company said the wider rim allows use with wider tires for improved grip and comfort. The wider rim also is stronger, more aerodynamic and lighter.

The Bora wheels are getting new water-transfer graphics that save 15 grams over the previously used adhesive-backed graphics. The Boras also have a new low-profile front hub.

The Bora Ultra 35 wheels weigh just 1,170 grams. Ultra 50s are 1,215 grams, while Bora One 35 and Bora One 50 wheelsets weigh 1,215 and 1,265 grams, respectively.

Campagnolo also continues to battle the large numbers of counterfeit carbon wheels on the market. Its newest carbon wheels include documentation that can be verified via Certilogo.

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