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Crowd funding underway for rear-facing bike radar system

Published August 11, 2014

STELLENBOSCH, South Africa (BRAIN) — The developers of a rear-facing radar system, that would give cyclists information about vehicles approaching from behind, are raising start-up money on the crowd funding site Dragon.

The Backtracker would include a rear-facing radar unit mounted to a bike's seatpost, and a handlebar mounted display. The radar detects approaching vehicles from up to 150 yards back, and the display lets the rider know the vehicle's location and speed. As the vehicle approaches, lights on the rear facing unit flash more rapidly to alert the driver. The developers expect to deliver the first systems to backers late this year. The system will eventually retail for $199. 

As of Monday, Backtracker's developers had raised nearly $82,000 on Dragon. They hope to raise $195,000 before the crowd-funding period ends in 43 days. 

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