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Polar offers product bundle with Strava

Published March 9, 2016

KEMPELE, Finland (BRAIN) — Polar is announcing a new Strava Bundle promotion for customers who purchase its Polar V650 GPS cycling computer between Wednesday March 9 and April 30.

Customers who purchase the bundle during that time period receive a two-month Strava Premium membership. The complementary membership will begin after users register their V650 in Polar Flow. Customers can choose between two bundle options:

  • Polar V650 HR Strava bundle ($269.95), which includes an H6 heart rate sensor
  • Polar V650 HR Combo Strava ($319.95), which includes an H6 heart rate sensor, a Polar Speed Sensor and a Polar Cadence Sensor.

The recently released route guidance feature allows Polar Flow users to download their favorite routes to the V650. The GPS bike computer will use the maps downloaded to guide the cyclist during their training and provides the remaining distance (kilometers or miles) until they reach the finish point.

Strava is fully integrated with Polar Flow. When combined, Polar Flow and Strava's Premium membership allow V650 cyclists to receive personalized guidance and input from the coaching services McMillan Running and Carmichael Training Systems. Additionally, V650 users will receive advanced training analysis such as race and Suffer Score analysis along with live feedback, including speed, distance, time and data in real time to their mobile device.


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