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Enve offers carbon 27.5-plus wheelset

Published September 28, 2016

OGDEN, Utah (BRAIN) — Enve is now offering the M60 Plus carbon mountain bike wheel, built for 27.5-plus tires.

The new wheel has an internal width of 40mm, external is 49mm. Enve said the M60 Plus will be able to tackle the same conditions its M60 and M60HV models were designed to excel in. A pair of rims weigh 910 grams. A wheelset weighs 1,577 grams.

"Plus bikes are really fun, however they are more fun and consequently fast when you have a wheelset that is both stiff, light, and highly durable. The M60 Plus is designed to provide an optimized rim solution for 2.8” to 3.0” Plus tires so that your wide wheel platform can also feel light and nimble allowing you to go further, faster," the company said.

Retail pricing starts at $2,718 per pair.

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