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Magura releases Danny MacAskill Signature brake

Published December 27, 2016

OLNEY, Ill. (BRAIN) — Magura's new MT7 Danny MacAskill Signature Brake is availabale in a limited edition with special packaging.

The 4-piston brake has a new HC3 ergonomic one-finger brake lever with a maximum of adjustment options. The brake is finished in neon yellow with a Danny MacAskill signature on the lever.

The new lever borrows features from motorcycle levers, with  a reach adjust hat is easily adjusted using an Allen key to match individual hand size. The second feature is "Ratio Adjust," which adjusts the lever amplification ratio. This feature can be adjusted with a T25 Torx key.

The brakes are supplied in an aluminium presentation box and include two spare sets of 8.R brake pads as well as the set of 8.P brake pads used in the original system. MRSP $699.95.

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