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BikeYoke offers Revive post with 185mm drop

Published August 1, 2017

SANTA FE, N.M. (BRAIN) — BikeYoke is now offering its Revive dropper post with a 185mm drop option, joining the model's 125mm and 160mm drop versions. The new post has a low stack height of 41mm, making it ideal for taller riders.

All versions of the Revive are receiving updates, as well, including a new "Microvalve" feature. The Microvalve is a small membrane that minimizes the chance of air getting inside the inner chamber, where it causes a springy post. 

Another update is the addition of mini lever to activate the post's reset mechanism, which previously required a 4mm hex wrench. The reset lever is designed to bleed air from the system that can enter when the post is activated while the bike is upside down (see video below). All Revive posts shipping after Eurobike will include the lever, which also can be retrofitted onto earlier posts. The lever can be left on the post indefinitely or removed for a cleaner look.

Revive posts have the reset function because of their non-IFP (internal floating piston) design, which uses only two dynamic seals, versus the four seals used on many posts with IFPs. The Revive design is said to improve durability and smoothness, but it can allow air into the system. 

The Revive 185 will retail for $420 with a remote. It is available to U.S. dealers from BTI.

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