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BikeFit releases updated, lower priced Saddle Changer

Published October 30, 2017

KIRKLAND, Wash. (BRAIN) — BikeFit is now shipping its Saddle Changer, an updated and much lower priced version of its previous quick-change seatpost, the SwitchIt.  The Saddle Changer is intended for bike shops, fitters, and saddle demo operators, to quickly swap saddles on bikes. 

The Saddle Changer works just as quickly as the SwitchIt, but now can be used on sizing bikes. And it now sells for $349.95, instead of $865.

"There is no better or quicker way to select the best saddle for a cyclist," said Paul Swift, the founder of BikeFit and designer of the Saddle Changer. "Even though it was already easy with the SwitchIt, the new Saddle Changer now works on every sizing bike in the industry. I could not be more proud of the new Changer and its upgrades to service even more cyclists."

The new Saddle Changer is compatible with a variety of seat posts, fit bikes, and indoor bikes due to its variable-width rails. Constructed of alloy and stainless parts, the single-arm design provides a rapid, secure lock on each saddle. The user only needs to lift the arm, turn the saddle 90 degrees, and then easily remove it. Each saddle change is estimated between 5 to 10 seconds, not including the tilt adjustment.

The Saddle Changer is now compatible with fit bikes from Exit, Waterford, Guru, Retul, Purely Custom, and Shimano.

It includes a custom padded carry case and is available at

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