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Galfer Bikes adds post-mount caliper adapters

Published April 27, 2018

OXNARD, Calif. (BRAIN) — Galfer Bike has added adapters to allow use of larger brake rotors with post-mount calipers. The adapters can be used with rotors including Galfer's new Disc Wave 223 millimeter rotor.

Galfer is offering two models of radial adapters that allow mounting rotors 20-40 millimeters larger, front or rear. Mounting the new SB001 and SB002 adapters requires four bolts — two fixed to the caliper and two fixed to the fork or the frame.

"With this system the caliper stays firmly attached and well placed relative to the brake disc, avoiding vibrations and/or torsions that would cause noise while braking and disc deformation," the company said.

The adapter SB001 allows separating the caliper to mount brake discs 40 millimeter bigger than standard, while the adapter SB002 allows mounting discs with an outer diameter 20 millimeter bigger. 

The new adapters weigh 22 grams each, and will be available in May.

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