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ShredMate mountain bike computer now available after Kickstarter campaign

Published June 11, 2018

WRAYSBURY, U.K. (BRAIN) — ShredMate, a bike computer that tracks mountain bikers' jump air time and g-forces, among other factors, has shipped all orders to its Kickstarter backers and is now available for purchase. The company said the Shredmate is the first bike computer designed specifically for mountain bikers.

ShredMate includes a small motion sensor that attaches to the bike's fork and connects wirelessly to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The ShredMate app measures jump air time and landing g-force. It also detects peak g-forces in corners, g-outs and even crashes. The app displays jumps and peak g-force events on a map. 

ShredMate also detects when a rider is going down a rough trail and allows riders to view detailed telemetry for those sections.

The developers behind the project had designed, built and manufactured PoolMate lap-counting swimming watches for the last 9 years. They raised about $16,000 on Kickstarter last year for the ShredMate project.

ShredMate retails for $94. The company is selling through bike shops and consumer direct. More information:

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