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Blubrake shows anti-lock brake system for e-bikes at Munich show

Published May 28, 2019

MUNICH (BRAIN) — Blubrake, an Italian company that is part of the e-Novia group, showed a new anti-lock braking system for e-bikes at the E-Bike Days consumer event held here this weekend.

The electronic ABS system integrates into an e-bike's frame, making it nearly invisible. The company said the system "boosts reliability and grip under hard braking, by preventing the front wheel from locking, thereby avoiding potential falls."

"Our ABS is the future of light electric mobility and we are certain that it will become the bench mark for e-bike brands on the market, particularly for companies that prioritize guaranteeing maximum safety," said Fabio Todeschini, general manager of blubrake. "We are delighted to have presented the blubrake ABS both to industry professionals and enthusiasts alike at E-Bike Days in Munich."

The company said its system is compatible with all electric systems and hydraulic brakes on the market. 

The system includes an electrohydraulic actuator that connects to the e-bike's braking system, a control unit connected to the battery, a speed sensor that monitors speed 100 times a second, and a user interface that displays the main system information.

The control unit uses algorithms and the speed sensor to monitor the e-bike's dynamics and pinpoint any potential risk situations that might occur in sharp braking. In such instances, the blubrake ABS intervenes to control the hydraulic pressure in the front brake. 

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