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Knog announces new, more sustainable packaging and augmented reality

Published February 4, 2021

(BRAIN) — Knog is taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of its products and packaging.

The company notes that its products have been using USB rechargeable technology since 2011, which has kept hundreds of thousands of single-use batteries out of landfills around the world. Now, Knog has made a commitment to change all of its current packaging to more environmentally friendly versions by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Hugo Davidson, Knog's CEO, said, "This new packaging is designed to communicate sustainability to the consumer, even before they have picked the packaging up. This is in part achieved through our choice of materials, the vast majority of which is brown cardboard that is made from a mix of both virgin pulp and recycled paper."

Knog also is added 'Augmented Reality' to new packaging designs.

The new packaging eliminated the clear plastic window that allowed consumer to see the product inside. But with AR, consumers can scan a code on the packaging with their phone and inspect the product visually. A sample is below. 

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