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Hyena launches lightweight hub drive at Taipei Cycle

Published March 31, 2023

TAICHUNG, Taiwan (BRAIN) — Hyena, based in Taichung, Taiwan, launched its newest system at the Taipei Cycle show. Its lightweird E-Road AIR is the company's first lightweight rear hub drive for road bikes.

The company said the motor weighs less than 1.3 kg, with an outer diameter of 112 mm, which means it can be hidden behind most cassettes. The company claims the hub offers the best torque-to-weight ratio on the market, providing 30 Nm of torque on the hub axle. The freehub body is the SHIMANO HG 11 standard and is compatible with up to a 12-speed cassette. 

The E-Road AIR drive system includes a high-resolution torque sensor. An ISIS-type bottom bracket spindle is available. 

The system includes a 250 Wh ultra-slim battery that can power bicycle lights up to 12V 24W, and can connect with and power the electronic gear-shifting system. An optional 180Wh range extender can be connected to the battery, adding up to 40 km of range.

The E-Road AIR's frame-embedded LED display can be integrated into the top tube or in the stem. It shows battery power and assist level at a glance while a remote control with two buttons can be attached to the dropbar or flatbar for riders to switch the assist level without removing their hands from the handlebar. For bicycle models with electronic gear-shifting, an additional set of buttons can also be added for e-shift operation.

The new system can work with selected third-party electronic gear-shifting, allowing users to manage these systems through Hyena's applications. This third-party bicycle electronics cooperation platform is called 'HyenaSync.' The company said it plans to integrate more smart parts that can be directly powered by Hyena drive systems and operated through its software in the near future.

Hyena system-powered e-bikes can be diagnosed and updated over the air anytime through its dealer service application and consumer-facing smartphone app.

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