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Mavic Launches B2B Web Site

Published March 30, 2008

HAVERHILL, MA (BRAIN)—Mavic launched a password-protected Web site that makes it easier for retailers to place orders and track shipments. The Web-based tool allows dealers to order products and check stock levels without picking up the phone. It also lets them view open orders and shipment status online.

“Our dealers can go onto the Web site and place an order without having to call. If you want to bundle some stuff up, you can place an order at your leisure. It’s a good way for folks to save some time, and just work when they can get their work done,” said Michael Berlinger, Mavic communications manager.

“It really does offer some benefits; California is just waking up when we’re going home for the day,” he added.

Berlinger said retailers began asking for such a tool after other industry companies introduced similar portals.

“One of the things dealers requested many, many times is a Web site like QBP’s. Once Quality launched their site it was a natural progression for the industry,” Berlinger said.

Mavic designed its retailer solution in-house with the help of Mavic France and Adidas. A select group of 100 retailers tested it over the past six months.

Mavic last week sent a letter with individual store login information and instructions on how to access the Web site to 3,200 retailers.

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