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Gore Launches Charitable Web Site

Published October 1, 2008

ELKTON, MD (BRAIN)—Reinforcing its commitment to growing participation in the outdoors, W.L. Gore & Associates has launched a new Web site called

The site is an online portal where consumers are able to raise awareness and support for three respected outdoor charities that could suffer during the existing tough economic times, when charitable giving is likely to decrease.

Part of a national campaign, "Give a Warm Fuzzy, Get a Warm Fuzzy” connects visitors to Big City Mountaineers; Continental Divide Trail Alliance; and the Outdoor Industries Women's Coalition, enabling visitors to make donations to the organizations between October 1 and December 15, 2008.

For users registering to the site, Gore will make a donation on the visitor's behalf to one of the three charities. Online visitors can also generate “points” for their chosen charity by playing an educational game, inviting friends to join, and/or by donating $10, $20 or $25 directly. The charity with the most points by December 15, 2008, will receive the biggest percentage donation from Gore.

As an additional thank you, participating donors will be entered to win free Windstopper warm and fuzzy products such as scarves, headbands, jackets as well as t-shirts. Winners will be announced at the end of the program.

"This new Web portal connects consumers to three well-known groups working hard to encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors," said Diane Davidson, market development for Gore. "In addition, the site educates consumers about the benefits of the Windstopper brand so they can make the appropriate choices when selecting garments for winter. Now more than ever, in a tough economy, outdoor enthusiasts are looking for garments that are especially versatile, durable and provide the comfort and performance they need."

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