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ARS POS Software Integrates with QBP

Published March 26, 2009

SAUK RAPIDS, MN (BRAIN)—ARS Business Solutions has released an advanced utility that electronically transmits product data from the ARS Point-of-Sale (POS) and Inventory Management Software (IMS) to QBP, allowing QBP to pre-apply custom merchandise labels prior to order shipment.

These pre-applied labels include retailer specified pricing, item descriptions, and part numbers in both human readable and bar coded formats, and is compiled from product data that is already managed within the ARS POS/IMS software.

The QBP Pricing and Labeling service, along with the ARS utility, will streamline the receiving process by bypassing the need to manually label merchandise upon receipt, will allow retailers to utilize bar code scanners to quickly receive in product, and will expedite merchandise getting to the sales floor. The ARS utility helps to virtually eliminate human errors that are a result of a manual labeling and receiving process.

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