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Freehub Magazine Going to Print

Published May 11, 2010

BELLINGHAM, WA (BRAIN)—The community driven Freehub Magazine finished its first year on the Web, and now has moved into the print realm with its April issue.

“We didn't have much of sales for the first year, but we were able to introduce some world class advertisers to our publication and bring them on board for our inaugural issue,” said Brandon Watts, president and publisher of Washington-based publication. Freehub will also have a fall issue print issue as well.

After graduating from college in Chicago and working in the city for a time, Watts moved west to Montana where he worked for various freelance clients and a small mountain culture magazine called Bomb Snow.

“Shortly after I came up with the idea for Freehub Magazine,” Watts said. “A publication that focuses on the smaller aspects of the sport, but in actuality are the main forces that drive the sport—the advocacy, non-profit programs, the small shops and companies and upcoming riders that are just all around rippers from that one town way out there.

“These are the people, places and things that make our sport what it is, they help it grow, change and develop into what it has become today,” he added.

Watts said he was looking to form a publication that was written by the community, for the community. “We decided to try and make it ourselves with the help of dedicated riders near and far,” Watts said. “We love to ride our bikes, and have people excited to do the same.”

Watts said current print runs for Freehub are at 12,500; they are being sold at Borders and Barnes & Noble stores. Watts said one of his goals is making Freehub’s bi-monthly e-zines “tablet” friendly and interactive to read on ebook readers and the iPad.

To find out more about the magazine go to (click on link).

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—Jason Norman

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