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UCI Releases Protocol for Frame Testing

Published December 28, 2010

AIGLE, Switzerland (BRAIN)—The UCI has published the approval protocol for its new frame and fork testing certification process set to start on Jan 1.

The 18-page approval protocol, published on the UCI’s website, offers guidelines on the program, as well as addresses manufacturer costs, liability issues and the UCI’s confidentiality policy related to plans, drawings, designs, brands, models or any other intellectual property submitted by manufacturers.

The program aims to assure manufacturers that their designs conform to UCI standards before they go into the production stage, and to make the inspection checks easier for race commissaires. Each product in the concept stage as of Jan. 1 intended for use by license holders in road, track and cyclocross events must be approved by the UCI and obtain a label noting the approval.

The maximum duration of the procedure by the UCI to check the technical drawings and sample products is three months, but will be reduced to as short of a timeline as possible, according to the protocol.

Manufacturers have 10 months after submitting the application form to send in the technical drawings. After the initial application and drawings are submitted, the UCI will open an OpenTrust account through which it can exchange confidentially exchange files with applicants. The UCI then verifies the drawings within one month. Once the manufacturer produces and submits a prototype, the UCI has another two months to verify the prototype. The manufacturer handles the labeling process, but the position must be approved by the UCI.

Only monocoque models that require a mold during manufacturing are subject to the full approval procedure. The maximum number of sizes for a given model is eight with anything beyond that requiring a separate approval procedure. Changes to the geometry of any product are forbidden without prior consent from the UCI.

The cost for the approval process is CHF 12,000 ($12,605) plus VAT for each model of frame and fork submitted by the manufacturer for full procedure for up to eight sizes; CHF 1,400 ($1,470) plus VAT for minor changes to one size or the addition of a size to any previously approved frame or fork; and CHF 800 ($840) plus VAT for the simplified procedure.

The UCI can carry out random compliance checks at any road, track or cyclocross event and any approved model found out of compliance can lose its approval. Any misuse of the label can face fines between CHF 10,000 and 100,000 ($10,504 and $105,042).

To read the entire approval protocol, go to and click on the “equipment” tab.

—Nicole Formosa

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