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MerchantOS Integrates More Vendors

Published January 2, 2011

SAN JOSE, CA (BRAIN)—MerchantOS recently updated its point of sale system to include integration with Specialized and The Bicycle Group. These integrations should help retailers reduce time spent on data entry and delivery/receipt of data. For example, purchase orders can be pushed directly into the vendor’s ordering system or pulled from the vendor’s system directly into the retailerʼs point of sale system.

“We have learned from our customers that a lot of time is spent on ordering and receiving products. With this information and with the help of willing vendors, we’ve been able to speed up the most basic aspects of this process such as calling in an order, checking product availability, and receiving an order from within our point of sale system,” said Ivan Stanojevic, MerchantOS CEO.

According to MerchantOS, vendors such as QBP and Hawley have acknowledged the demand for more timely product and ordering information from their retailers by providing online ordering tools for their retailers. Point of sale systems that integrate into the vendorʼs order system is a natural progression for optimizing inventory related processes for retailers.

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