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Cycling blogger looks to create a network

Published December 5, 2011

CINCINNATI, OH (BRAIN)—An Ohio blogger is looking to create a network of small cycling websites that can cooperate to attract advertisers, offer a diverse viewpoint to readers and perhaps consult with supplier start-ups.

Ron Callahan, started about four years ago. He also has several other small sites devoted to gran fondos and bike product reviews. He’s recently begun reaching out to other bloggers and hopes to use his domain as a portal for his sites and others.

“I’ve got a good amount of traffic and I’ve started getting things in for review, but it’s become a lot of work,” Callahan said. “I’ve been frustrated as far as getting consistent help but my feeling was if I can work with blogs of a similar size — but not necessarily the same kind of content — we can create something that helps all of us.”

The cycling blogger world is populated by many folks with extensive experience in cycling and media, and Callahan said the network of bloggers could be a useful consulting resource for small startup suppliers.

Since reaching out on, Callahan has talked to four or five other bloggers who are interested in cooperating, but he hasn't made a firm deal with any yet.

Callahan said he’s had a life-long passion for all kinds of cycling and bicycles. After 20 years in the information technology field, he said he’s currently “in transition” and seeking work in IT, media or marketing.

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