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League announces 63 new Bicycle Friendly Businesses

Published April 22, 2013
WASHINGTON, DC (BRAIN) — The League of American Bicyclists announced 63 additions to its Bicycle Friendly Businesses list on Monday, bringing the list to more than 500.
"As businesses race to retrofit their buildings, streamline waste policies, and purchase more and more recycling bins, some companies have already targeted a free and easy way to be more environmentally conscious: bicycling," the League said in a statement timed for Earth Day.

"More and more business leaders are realizing that bicycling is a simple and cost-effective way to move toward a more productive company," said Andy Clarke, the League's president. "Promoting healthy transportation is increasingly attractive to employers and prospective employees - and it's moving America toward a more sustainable future."

New companies on the list include Texas Instruments, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, The World Bank Group, and the Peace Corps' Seattle and Chicago offices. (Complete list)

The companies took various paths to earn the designation. Texas Instruments, for example, worked with its local government to secure funding to build a 35-mile trail that will enable employees to bike to work safely, in addition to widening transportation options for those living in the community. TI also has employee representation on the City of Dallas Bicycle Advisory Committee as it updates the Dallas Bike Plan.

"Texas Instruments sees great value in supporting alternative commuting solutions for employees. We've invested resources to build bike paths that connect to local trails, added bike racks, repair stations and onsite showers, and created social networks that support TI bike commuters," said David Thomas, vice president of worldwide facilities at TI. "We want to make it easy for our existing bike commuters to get to work safely and to encourage more employees to try biking to work. We continually seek new ways to educate, encourage and engage employees in safe bike commuting."

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