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Pedro's launches new site, adds Shopatron

Published April 29, 2013

BOSTON, MA (BRAIN) — Pedro's has rebuilt its website from the ground up and added a program with Shopatron, allowing consumers to order Pedro's products with the orders fulfilled by participating retailers.

Jay Seiter, Pedros' product manager, said the new site design focused on product organization, imagery, copy, and support information and laying the groundwork for continued improvement over time.

“The number one goal of the new site was leverage the web medium to give Pedro’s customers the information they want and need to know about our products,” Seiter said.

“When compared to the information and resources presented on the old website, we found a dramatic difference in our ability to communicate product information and usage techniques when engaging customers one-on-one at events. The new site aims to better capture these elements of one-on-one interaction and make them available to a much broader audience.” 

The site includes many new product photos, revamped copy and feature highlights, direct access to pertinent product FAQs, integrated question submission, product resources, reviews, related products, and now for U.S. customers, and a VIP webstore to support its grassroots, advocacy, and industry/EP purchase programs. 

Seiter said the Shopatron program is a good fit for the brand and its dealers.  

“Beyond (IBD's) role as Pedro’s resellers, dealers are often end users of Pedro’s products, and can provide valuable first hand knowledge of our products to their customers. In addition, we are excited to offer consumers better access to hard-tofind Pedro’s items, like our more expensive tool kits that don’t always make sense for dealers to stock. We think this solution is truly a win-win-win scenario benefitting Pedro’s, IBDs, and consumers.”

When consumers place an order through, orders are posted in a retailer queue called the Shopatron Coex Order Exchange. Authorized Pedro’s retailers, who have signed up with Shopatron, can log in and see the open orders available, select them and then fulfill those orders from their own inventory. Open orders not selected by retailers revert to Pedro’s for
fulfillment. Current dealers interested in becoming fulfillment partners are encouraged to contact Pedro’s or visit the new site for additional information.


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