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Bike Co-op offers MAP monitoring

Published May 16, 2013

MANCHESTER, NH (BRAIN) — The Bike Cooperative is working with Channel IQ to offer its supplier partners discounts on MAP monitoring and enforcement, dealer verification, and detection of gray market and counterfeit goods and unauthorized dealers. 

Channel IQ currently works with companies including SRAM and Park Tool to monitor online pricing using real-time data. The Chicago, Illinois, company provides brand protection services to manufacturers, distributors and retailers. 

As part of the deal with the Bike Co-op, Channel IQ will also help brands create and implement a system to make identifying authorized online retailers quick and easy. They will also provide tools to educate consumers about the value of supporting authorized retailers. 

“We found Channel IQ to be the best solution provider in helping our brand partners support their valued IBDs,” said Nat McAllister, the Bike Co-op’s director of supplier relations. “Through their assistance in MAP development, implementation and constant monitoring, Channel IQ will also help our retailers maintain healthy margins.”


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