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Canadian group BTAC refocuses, renamed CIBRA

Published March 20, 2014

TORONTO (BRAIN) — The Bicycle Trade Association of Canada has retired its BTAC brand and renamed itself the Canadian Independent Bicycle Retailers' Association, CIBRA.

"Powered by independent bicycle retailers across Canada, CIBRA will be the steward and voice of the industry. CIBRA's mission is 'to lead Canadian independent bicycle retailers, with the support of our supplier members, toward strength and excellence through focused advocacy, constructive communications and partnerships, and practical education and training programs,'" the group said in a statement this week.

A revised governance structure will be presented to the membership at an upcoming meeting. It will reflect the group's new focus on independent retail initiatives. It will also include a national cycling advocacy component.

"My colleagues and I on the board of directors are very excited to begin this season with a new focus and energy through CIBRA," said Kevin Senior, president of the group's board of directors and owner of Bow Cycle in Calgary. "We have spent the past year consulting with industry stakeholders about the future of our association and we have developed a vision and mission that is relevant and responsive to the suggestions we have heard."

"The creation of CIBRA reflects the organization's emphasis on improving, and advocating for independent entrepreneurs, who stand proudly at the front lines of the Canadian cycling industry," said Bill Yetman, the group's executive director. "The CIBRA logo — a streamlined cyclist tailed by a sales tag adorned with a maple leaf — represents new momentum and revitalized energy, as well as the pride to speak as the collective voice of Canadian independent bike retailers."

Until the changes are approved by the full membership, CIBRA will operate under the current BTAC structure and governance model.

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