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FSA updates MAP policy, clamps down on violators

Published May 12, 2014

MUKILTEO, Wash. (BRAIN) — Full Speed Ahead released a revised minimum advertised price policy late last week and said it has initiated zero-tolerance enforcement for abusers. Violators of the policy will be not be eligible for future purchase of FSA products until further review, the company said in a release.


The updated policy says in part: “FSA Inc. acknowledges in retail environments, our accounts are free to sell products at whatever price they deem necessary. However, any account who violates the minimum advertised price or otherwise seeks to circumvent this policy by entering into a business arrangement to resell or auction current products without respecting the minimum suggested retail pricing (MSRP) shall be prevented from further purchasing products from FSA Inc.”

The policy applies to all FSA Inc. brands, which include Full Speed Ahead, Gravity, Metropolis and Vision.

“I have been personally calling dealers who are in violation of the MAP policy and setting them straight,” said Ivan Harms, FSA’s sales manager.

Authorized dealers and distributors of FSA Inc. products can receive full details of the official policy by emailing Harms at

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