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Crankbrothers adopts MAP and e-commerce policy

Published July 30, 2014

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (BRAIN) — Crankbrothers has enacted a minimum advertised price (MAP) policy and a new e-commerce sales policy, each effective immediately.


The brand has pegged its MAP at 10 percent less than its MSRP; its e-commerce policy requires websites to have an "approved" product presentation for Crankbrothers products. Among other requirements, the web product presentation must include a full image of the product and an explanation of its features and technologies. The e-commerce site must retain consumer information and have the ability to contact the consumers via email.

The policy reads that Crankbrothers intends to limit the number of its e-commerce outlets because e-commerce sites "do not generally provide the grassroots services necessary to cultivate the brand and products loyalty that Crankbrothers desires to achieve."

Crankbrothers' global marketing manager Kellen Trachy said the company launched the policies "in order to best support our dealers, protect dealer margins, and maintain Crankbrothers as a premium offering in the market."

As with most MAP policies in the industry, Crankbrothers said it would enforce the policy unilaterally and will not discuss it with retailers. The company said it would determine whether a retailer had violated the policy and then inform its distributors to no longer sell to that dealer. The MAP policy applies to prices advertised in any kind of media; it does not apply to the actual sales price.

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