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Giro replacing some shoes with sole delam' issues

Published September 24, 2014

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Giro is providing replacement shoes to customers and retailers who have some of its Terraduro and Terradura mountain bike shoes, after customers reported that the shoes' soles are coming unglued.

"Unfortunately, there was a limited manufacturing issue with some Terraduro/Terradura shoes in an early production run. The manufacturer utilized the wrong primer against Giro's specification, which resulted in poor bonding between the outsole and shank. This was a manufacturing error that happened in the factory, and it is not a result of a new manufacturing process or design flaw specific to the Terraduro/Terradura shoe. The shoes were simply assembled incorrectly, which resulted in a delamination issue. This issue is limited to construction of the Terraduro/Terradura and does not impact any other shoes that Giro produces," the company said. 

Terraduro/Terradura shoes that were produced properly have a date code stamped in white under the insole.  "If there is a date code, the shoes were produced to the correct manufacturing specifications. If there is no date code, the Terraduro/Terradura shoes were not constructed correctly and need to be warrantied," the company said.

The company said it will repair or replace Terraduro/Terradura shoes that are experiencing quality issues, subject to certain conditions. Customers are being told to call the company at (800) 456-2355 or email

Giro also said it has improved its production line testing and final quality control check following the incident.

"Prior to the Terraduro/Terradura, Giro experienced less than a 0.5% return rate on our footwear collection since its launch in 2012. However, in response to the Terraduro/Terradura assembly issue, we improved our testing on the production line and increased our final QC inspection. Giro hired a manufacturing expert to ensure that all QC steps are being adhered to throughout the entire manufacturing process. We also added a chemical expert to our manufacturing team who has 35 years of experience in shoe construction. This person is responsible for writing protocols for all shoes to ensure that the correct bonding agents—primers and glues—are used in all shoe construction 100 percent of the time. "

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