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Pro riders Brian Lopes and Mike Montgomery sign with Slytech protective brand

Published April 10, 2015

NASHUA, N.H. (BRAIN) — Mountain bike legend Brian Lopes has signed with Slytech Protection, while dirt rider Mike Montgomery has signed with Slytech and with its sister brand, Shred Optics. Shred and Slytech are each owned and distributed by New Hampshire-based Anomaly Action Sport.

Lopes joins fellow bike athletes Kelly McGarry, Ryan Nyquist, Luca Cometti and Montgomery in riding with Slytech protective gear.

"We are an athlete-born company; it has always been in our DNA and always will be," said co-founder and lead product engineer Carlo Salmini. "Obviously, signing a legend like Lopes is huge for us, but most importantly it enables us to further push product progression toward absolute necessity, functionality and comfort. Having his experience and knowledge behind our Slytech Protection will bring amazing new insight to an already leading product line."

Lopes said, "Joining Slytech was a pretty easy choice. Watching Kelly McGarry take the hardest crash ever at Rampage last year and walk away was proof to me their protection can save my old ass. And after one three-hour pedal with no discomfort in my first test ride with the kneepads I was sold." 

Mike Montgomery is sponsored by both Shred Optics helmets and Slytech Protection.

Federico Merle, the brands' marketing and finance chief, said, "Mike is really the perfect representation for what we’re all about. He loves every second he can spend on a bike, and is constantly looking for progression and adds a touch of his own style to every feature."

Montgomery said, “I’m super psyched to join the Shred and Slytech family. They have a great crew, and it will continue to grow. The Shred helmets are on point, and I’m psyched to work on developing new gear. The Slytech Protection pads are amazing. I can wear my skinny jeans and put them under and you can’t even tell. I know they’re going stand up to the hits they will take, and I’ll be safe. Look at Kelly, he’s still walking! I can’t wait to put them to the test.”

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