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Todson hires Oris Intel for MAP monitoring

Published March 18, 2016

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (BRAIN) — Todson has hired Oris Intel for automated monitoring of the accessory maker's minimum advertised price (MAP) policy.

Oris Intel's cloud-based application, called Prowl, allows companies to monitor online pricing across thousands of sites and helps identify anonymous sellers and determine who moved first, as well as automating the MAP monitoring process.

Adam Donahue, Todson's director of sales and marketing, said Oris Intel offers "the most comprehensive solution for monitoring both our extensive SKU list and the vast number of websites supporting our brands. Prowl allows us to quickly assess the market and take immediate action to correct any pricing irregularities."

"We're excited that Todson has entrusted us in their commitment to help protect their brand, increase margins and support their trusted partners," said Oris Intel CEO Pamela Springer.

QBP and Dahon each announced in February that they had hired Oris Intel. CatEye, Selle San Marco and 2XU have also worked with the company.


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