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Cyclone named exclusive US distributor for Exposure Lights

Published August 17, 2016

PORTLAND, Ore. (BRAIN) — Cyclone Bicycle has signed as the exclusive U.S. distributor for Exposure Lights, designed and manufactured in the U.K. by Ultimate Sports Engineering.

For 2017, Exposure has overhauled its line to increase both brightness and burn time to produce more lumens and longer battery life, a release stated.

“We have completely revamped the 2017 product line for superior performance in every way,” said Mark Swift, brand manager for Ultimate Sports Engineering. “We are well-known and trusted in Europe, and we’re excited about this partnership with Cyclone to help us repositioning the brand as a leader in the US market as well.”

Most of Exposure’s lights are USB rechargeable, powered by lithium-ion batteries, and all are wireless. Several offer bar-mounted remote triggers for mountain and adventure riding. The line ranges from urban commuter sets to 4,500-lumen lights targeted at the ultra-endurance market.

“Exposure is exactly the type of product we want to supply,” said Mark Mollenkopf, Cyclone sales director. “The design, construction and performance are a notch above anything else on the market, and the depth of the line makes it attractive to retailers at every level.”

For more information about Exposure Lights, go to the brand’s website.

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