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FSA hires Oris Intel to monitor MAP pricing

Published September 9, 2016

MUKILTEO, Wash. (BRAIN) — Full Speed Ahead has hired Oris Intel to assist with monitoring online minimum advertised price (MAP) for its products.

"At FSA and (sister brand) Vision Tech we understand the importance of globally unified and fair pricing. As part of that effort, we are committed to continuing improvement of our MAP enforcement," said Lance Bohlen, FSA Inc.'s managing director.

"Therefore, we have contracted Oris Intel to help monitor MAP online on every site that advertises prices in U.S. currency. We believe that with the help of Oris Intel, we can reach our goal of harmonized advertised pricing by IBDs and responsible online sellers."

Industry companies including QBP, CatEye, Dahon and Selle San Marco have worked with Oris Intel.

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