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Mechanics' association calls for baseline certification program

Published October 28, 2016

AUSTIN, Texas (BRAIN) — The Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association says it wants to work with the industry to develop a universal professional mechanic certification that would be recognized throughout the industry.

The PBMA, which was incorporated this year, expects it will take several years to develop such a standard and said it hoped to cooperate with other industry trade organizations, suppliers and mechanic schools on the project.

"There are cycling-related certifications that already exist, but those are typically small, very segmented and tend benefit the issuer of the certification more than the certification holder," said the PBMA's president, James Stanfill. "Our goal is to create a single baseline minimum standard of professional certification that will be recognized throughout the industry."

Stanfill said the PBMA envisions a standard that would be more advanced than a bike-assembler certification. It would identify a competent pro mechanic and would include requirements for maintaining the certification through continuing education and experience. 

The National Bicycle Dealers Association has been in the process of developing an entry-level mechanic training and certification process for several years, and this summer the NBDA purchased the long-standing mechanics school Barnett Bicycle Institute. Stanfill said the PBMA hopes to work with the NBDA and other groups on developing its program. He said once the certification is established, various mechanic education programs could choose to "teach to the certification standard or beyond that standard."

The PBMA sent a "Call to Action" to industry groups this week. The letter is also available on the PBMA website


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