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Philly Bike Expo has record booth sales

Published October 28, 2016

PHILADELPHIA (BRAIN) — The Philly Bike Expo, which started seven years ago in Philadelphia's Armory building with 68 exhibitors, will have at least 153 booths this year, a 9 percent increase over its previous record. The event is now held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

"In previous years we have had a larger number of brands than this year, but that was because one rep brought about 20 brands into his booth space. What we're seeing this year is less doubling up," said expo organizer Bina Bilenky, who is the daugher of the show's co-founder Stephen Bilenky, owner of Bilenky Cycle Works in Philadelphia.

The greatest growth has been among custom framebuilders, the number of which has increased by 28 percent over last year's figure, with 41 companies registered for 2016.

"We have a commitment to small companies. There aren't any really big booths at the Philly Bike Expo, even though we have some big brands. We will keep it this way, because it means the small companies don't get overshadowed," Bina Bilenky said.

Stephen Bilenky said, "Some people call the expo a movement, because we're strongly associated with promoting the cause of cycling, but I see it more as a community that welcomes and embraces every part of cycling, and creates a place where people can come and learn more about it in a fun way. Cycling's so huge, everybody can still learn more about it."

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